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Shaping the future

BCG Digital Ventures, part of the BCG X tech-build and design business unit, is uniquely positioned to help the world’s most influential organizations drive the next wave of innovation. As the industry’s leading business builder, we’ve launched nearly 200 trailblazing businesses, with a success rate that is unmatched industry-wide.

Since our founding in 2014, we’ve partnered closely with 400+ clients – most of which are Fortune 500 organizations – to invent, launch, and scale innovative businesses that leverage and reinforce their core capabilities. The ventures we build with them are inclusive of both new, standalone companies, as well as those developed within the framework of the client organization. The growth and value realized through our corporate venturing work has even led clients to collaborate with us to build and launch multiple businesses.

Through our end-to-end approach to innovation and business building, we provide our clients with the essential skills, tools, and knowledge needed to create a thriving business. Most importantly, we believe in the businesses we build, investing money, along with time, technology, and talent, to ensure their success from start to finish.

BCG Digital Ventures has 16 centers and labs globally that are purpose-built for innovation and co-creation alongside our clients, with locations in Berlin, Casablanca, Chicago, India, London, Los Angeles, the Middle East, New York, Paris, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Singapore, Sydney, and Tokyo.

An exceptional team of business builders

We’re a global team of business leaders using our unrivaled expertise and unique collaborative process to innovate, build, and launch businesses into the future.

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Meet the leaders guiding our exceptional teams and projects.