Experience Designers

October 1, 2021
Experience Designers are the creative problem-solvers who make our solutions enjoyable and accessible.

Experience Designers

Merging design and tech to create engaging solutions

Skills & Expertise:



Product Design

Information Architecture

Experience Design at Digital Ventures is an exciting and multifaceted discipline. Bringing together the best of strategy, design, and technology, Experience Designers build digital products and experiences that create value for both businesses and customers. From prototyping to usability testing, this team does it all, developing the wireframes, information architecture, visual design, and user flows behind our products. In addition to creative problem-solving skills and an exceptional eye for detail, they bring the consumer perspective to every project. An Experience Designer’s superpower is their ability to translate a product’s functionality into a user experience that’s seamless, enjoyable, and fulfilling. It’s this cohort’s skillful choreography of venture ideas, branding, people, and emotions that enables our solutions to positively impact the lives of millions.

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