Strategic Designers

December 1, 2021
Our people-first Strategic Designers bring the crucial consumer perspective to our builds.

Strategic Designers

Bringing human elements to our businesses

Skills & Expertise:


Behavioral Design

Design Thinking


People are at the core of every business we build. The Strategic Design team brings a human-centered approach to our builds, ensuring that each of our products addresses existing gaps in the market and ultimately fulfills user needs. Strategic Designers conduct extensive research to understand the attitudes and motivations that drive people’s behaviors, enabling them to create contextually impactful business opportunities through empathic design. Employing their deep consumer insights, this team also directs the creation of user personas and journeys, and drives the concept and usability testing of our products.

Some members of our Strategic Design team come from a traditional design background, while others bring marketing, social science, or engineering expertise to the table. While our Strategic Designers come from diverse disciplines, they are all united by one common thread: a profound curiosity about human behavior. Through their adaptive, people-first approach, our Strategic Designers help us create transformative businesses that touch the lives of millions.

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