Talent Architects

May 1, 2021
Our people-oriented Talent Architects recruit the talent behind tomorrow’s leading businesses.

Talent Architects

Shaping the face of tomorrow’s leading businesses

Skills & Expertise:


Human Resources (HR)


Organizational Design

Our Talent Architects shape the face and future of the businesses we build. With a wealth of experience in the fast-moving world of talent, our Talent Architects are experts at recruiting top hires. Together with our venture teams, this team develops target profiles, organizational structure, and recruiting strategies in order to attract and hire both the leaders and founding teams of the businesses we build. In addition to recruiting, our Talent Architects are also masters at retaining talent, providing the incentive programs and compensation that transform our businesses into world-class employers. Our Talent Architects bring a builder’s mindset to the realm of talent acquisition and people management, creating the long-lasting and committed teams that will boost our businesses’ impact and propel them forward. In this people-focused role, our Talent Architects work with a diverse range of hires for exciting, up-and-coming businesses experiencing rapid growth.

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