Accelerating innovation in the heart of the French capital

The Digital Ventures Paris Center is housed within DigitalBCG’s Immersion Center and next door to BCG Paris, the organization’s second largest office worldwide. This unique space amplifies the best of the best of Digital Ventures’ global office culture, providing an immersive and multisensory work environment that inspires creativity and new ideas. With close proximity to BCG Paris, we’re able to expand our scope by leveraging BCG’s wide network of corporates, as well as its connections to the city’s thriving consumer, principal investor and private equity (PIPE), and financial institution industries.

Mirroring the French capital’s élan, our center fosters an incredibly vibrant, growth-oriented work culture, hosting monthly talks with external subject matter experts from BCG and other startups within the city’s booming tech scene.

Beautiful locale

Our center is located in the historic Les Invalides, just a stone’s throw from the Seine River.

Shared DigitalBCG space

Our co-located office allows us to foster relationships with colleagues in other DigitalBCG specialty business units, including Platinion, GAMMA, and Brighthouse.

Close-knit team

Our center hosts monthly dinners for team members, fostering a vibrant work culture.