The Middle East

Building new businesses within a world-class infrastructure

Due to a recent wave of interest and investment in the area’s digital industries, the Middle East has emerged as one of the world’s most exciting, budding tech hubs. Harnessing this unprecedented momentum, our Digital Ventures Middle East Center is building brand new businesses within the area’s public and private sectors, particularly around sustainability and advanced mobility. Co-located within BCG’s Dubai and Riyadh offices, our Middle East Center leverages BCG’s well-established network to create massive impact not only for our clients, but for the region at large.

Our Digital Ventures team is as diverse as the region itself. With teammates hailing from a variety of backgrounds, we’re able to unlock innovation from a multitude of unique perspectives. Working within this rapidly evolving tech ecosystem offers our team of bright minds the unique opportunity to generate new ideas with the potential to transform the area’s markets from the inside out.

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