Catalyzing disruptive innovation across Northeast Asia

The Digital Ventures Tokyo Center embodies the pioneering spirit of Japan’s bustling capital city. With innovation at the heart of our work culture, we create exciting solutions in the midst of the region’s ever-evolving demand for new technology.

At our Tokyo Center, we’re driven by a creative mindset, with a core focus on business building, incubation, and commercialization. While our center stands separate from BCG Tokyo, both teams work together on projects that catalyze disruption across Asia.

The Tokyo Center’s progressive work environment captures the city’s dynamic atmosphere. Here, team members from a diversity of disciplines come together to solve problems in new and exciting ways, fostering game-changing ideas that resonate across Japan and internationally.

Autonomous work culture

Our independent culture empowers employees to take ownership over their work, encouraging innovation and enabling exciting career opportunities, all while driving impact for our clients.

Gastronomical hub

Our office is a stone’s throw from ramen shops, old-fashioned tachinomi bars, and Michelin-starred restaurants.

Rich opportunities

Collaborating with BCG, BCG Platinion, and BCG GAMMA, we help our clients deliver innovative products and services, both for their core business and new, standalone ventures.