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As the industry’s leading business builder, we’ve launched nearly 200 trailblazing businesses, with a success rate that is unmatched industry-wide. BCG Digital Ventures, is now part of the BCG X tech-build and design business unit, which uniquely positions us to help the world’s most influential organizations drive the next wave of innovation. Through our end-to-end approach to innovation and business building, we provide our clients with the essential skills, tools, and knowledge needed to create a thriving business from ideation and development, to market launch, and beyond.

Four ways we unlock potential:

External Growth

We redefine what’s possible for our clients, helping them disrupt markets by leveraging existing assets to create new, game-changing businesses.

Internal Innovation

We help clients take ownership of their future, optimizing core competencies to create and launch new products and services within their organization.

Digital Acceleration

We take clients’ digital businesses to the next level, driving growth by accelerating existing businesses and supercharging in-house marketing capabilities.

BCG Green Ventures

We help clients help the planet by co-building sustainable businesses and driving climate action in ways that create value for shareholder and society.

Fortune 1000 clients partnered with
Venture success rate vs market
Nearly 200 businesses launched since inception
Centers & labs around the world
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Our range of experience knows no limits. Explore a number of pioneering businesses that are creating value for our clients.

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