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Principal Investors & Private Equity, EMEA, North America

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Venture foundry Koru builds new business models, experiences, and technologies to drive disruptive growth for a pension plan's portfolio companies.


Unlocking educators’ futures with investment

Created for the Ontario Teachers’ Pension Plan (OTPP), Koru is a groundbreaking venture foundry that builds new business models, experiences, and technologies to drive disruptive growth for the plan’s portfolio companies.

Koru consists of an experienced team of makers who build businesses. Going beyond launching products and services, it develops new business models, designs innovative experiences, and builds cutting-edge technologies. Koru collaborates with industry partners to ignite innovation and drive breakout growth.

The Opportunity

BCG and BCG Digital Ventures recognized the immediate need to protect OTPP’s portfolio from disruption. This meant discovering, defining, and proving out opportunities for business building and innovation throughout OTPP’s portfolio in order to create true market advantage.

Teams created plans to design, build, and recruit for a venture studio funded by OTPP that would benefit from sizable investments and follow-on rounds. This new venture’s mission would go beyond just launching products and services. The venture would develop and build new business models, innovative experiences, and impactful technologies by collaborating with industry partners to drive growth. This would be the first-ever incubator in an investment organization, leveraging the portfolio’s own companies to launch entirely new concepts and ventures.

Our Approach

Conceiving, Vetting, and Demoing Ideas

From late 2017 to early 2018, BCG and Digital Ventures teams researched, vetted, and demoed strategic digital concepts aimed at unlocking value within OTPP’s portfolio. Seventy-five unique and investable ideas on behalf of more than 10 portfolio companies emerged to an overwhelmingly positive response at the European hack-a-future session.

Taking Action, End-to-End

Working together in a series of comprehensive innovation sprints, the teams kicked off three successful companies, prompting OTPP to ask BCG and Digital Ventures to partner on its entire portfolio.

Creating a Venture-Building Foundry

To help OTPP focus on building and launching businesses, Koru—a venture foundry that operates for the benefit of OTPP’s portfolio companies—was founded. This includes a 2-year exclusive partnership among OTPP, BCG, and Digital Ventures, with the goal of forming 12 to 15 ventures. Digital Ventures shares equity in four of these launched businesses.

The Impact Realized

3 ventures

elovee (dementia care); Home Concierge (assisted living); and FYLD (field worker safety and productivity)


Early-stage concepts identified across 15 OTPP portfolio companies via 3 hack-a-future workshops