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Life Sciences, EMEA, North America

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Harnessing voice recognition and machine learning, LabTwin offers scientists real-time data collection and information access from the bench while performing experiments.


First voice-powered digital lab assistant

The future of pharma lies in its ability to leverage data and make data-informed decisions. Collecting high-quality data without impacting scientists’ productivity is therefore the first challenge on the path to insightful data models.

To tackle this challenge, LabTwin has emerged as the world’s first voice-powered digital lab assistant designed for scientists. LabTwin enables hands-free data capture and exchange with informatics systems at the point of experimentation. Harnessing voice recognition and machine learning technologies, LabTwin revolutionizes the way scientists interact with their digital lab ecosystem, allowing real-time data collection and immediate access to information from the bench while performing experiments.

By simplifying the process of data capture through verbal interactions, LabTwin increases both the quality and quantity of data while enhancing scientists’ productivity. With the mission to fulfill both scientific and business requirements, LabTwin supports pharmaceutical companies in their digital transformation journey and race to bring drugs to the market faster.

The Opportunity

Scientists need to be able to query their protocol or lab databases and capture data in structured templates and in real time from anywhere in the lab, just by talking.

Looking to innovate in the laboratory-tech space, Sartorius AG, an international pharmaceutical and laboratory equipment supplier, approached BCG Digital Ventures with a solution.

Our Approach

Validating the Concept

In January 2018, Sartorius brought the idea for LabTwin to Digital Ventures, which validated the concept’s desirability, viability, and feasibility by conducting ethnographic research and user testing. The proposed solution to the pain point of documentation was pressure-tested in lab environments.

Incubating the Prototypes

Incubation commenced in March 2018, with Digital Ventures co-creating voice-powered documentation prototypes and validating them with more than 80 scientists.

Commercializing the Venture

LabTwin’s new management team—including Digital Ventures team members Magdalena Paluch as CEO, Jonas Kulessa as Head of Engineering, and Denis Özdemir as Head of Customer Success—took the reins in January 2019, and the venture grew to more than 20 employees. At the time, LabTwin was in active use in five pilot labs. Today, LabTwin has doubled its number of employees, and its voice-powered digital lab assistant continues to gain traction in the scientific research and development market.

The Impact Realized

7 of top 20

7 of the top 20 pharmaceutical companies use LabTwin, along with chemical companies around the world

130 hrs saved

130 hours in time freed up per scientist, per year


Reduction of paper usage


More relevant data collected by scientists, with a reduction in errors